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Almost everyone has an auto repair 'horror story'. Maybe a service advisor sold you a bill of car repair goods you didn't need because he was paid on commission, or maybe you simply paid too much for a repair. Either way, you felt ripped off and you vowed you'd never go back there. We don't blame you. Over the years, the automotive repair business has earned a bad reputation due to some unscrupulous sales and repair tactics.

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ONB is an independent service and repair shop offering a lower cost, more customer friendly alternative to dealership service and repair. Car repairs are more complex than ever before, but our certified Master Technicians love a challenge, and they love working at ONB because it's a friendlier, more family and customer-oriented auto repair environment. Why pay more to get less service at the auto dealership, when you can enjoy a higher quality, more affordable auto service experience at our shop?

Love your A/C!

June 1, 2016
Your vehicle’s air conditioning is a welcome respite from the hot summer. It keeps you cool and focused even if traffic is anything but!

If the A/C is not keeping its cool, do not be tempted by recharge kits from the auto supply store. These have inaccurate gauges and can lead to major damage to your climate control system if it is overfilled. No matter what the problem is with your A/C, ONB can properly diagnose and repair it.

Keep cool in the summer heat. Call ONB Automotive in Everett at 425-317-9618 to schedule your Air Conditioning service today.

Is your vehicle’s “Check Engine” light on?

May 11, 2016
Your on-board diagnostic (OBD) computer could be indicating one of a number of potential issues with the engine or other components that may affect emissions; from a loose gas cap to a misfiring engine. These issues may prevent your vehicle from passing a state inspection for registration renewal, so addressing your Check Engine light is crucial.

The professional technicians at ONB Automotive can accurately diagnose OBD problem codes or other electrical issues - such as starting trouble, low battery voltage, and dim lights - and advise you on the best course of action.

Call ONB Automotive in Everett at 425-317-9618 to schedule an OBD troubleshooting service today.

Stop Safely Out There

April 1, 2016
April showers bring May flowers. They also bring poor, unpredictable conditions to the road. Are your vehicle’s brakes prepared to stop you safely?

Brakes operate by pushing a stationary pad or shoe against a rotating disc or drum, creating friction to slow or stop your vehicle. The pad or shoe material is expected to wear out as your brakes are applied, so your brake system should be inspected and serviced on a regular basis. If neglected, your pads can wear completely out and begin to damage more expensive components of the braking system such as calipers or rotors, while at the same time dangerously increasing your stopping distance.

Be safe, be prepared to stop. Call ONB Automotive in Everett at 425-317-9618 to schedule a brake system inspection and maintenance today.

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