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Almost everyone has an auto repair 'horror story'. Maybe a service advisor sold you a bill of car repair goods you didn't need because he was paid on commission, or maybe you simply paid too much for a repair. Either way, you felt ripped off and you vowed you'd never go back there. We don't blame you. Over the years, the automotive repair business has earned a bad reputation due to some unscrupulous sales and repair tactics.

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ONB is an independent auto mechanic service and repair shop offering a lower cost, more customer friendly alternative to dealership service and repair. Car repairs are more complex than ever before, but our certified Master Technicians love a challenge, and they love working at ONB because it's a friendlier, more family and customer-oriented auto repair environment. Why pay more to get less service at the auto dealership, when you can enjoy a higher quality, more affordable auto service experience at our shop?

See and Be Seen This Fall

August 25, 2017
As temperatures start to change and rain returns to the forecast, it is important to make sure your vehicle is ready for you to safely handle changing conditions. Summer heat can wear out the rubber in your wipers and reduce your their effectiveness. And with the days getting shorter, make sure you can be seen by having your exterior lighting inspected. We also offer restoration for severely fogged headlights.

When we perform any service for your vehicle we will check these items for you and recommend service if necessary. Schedule your service today. 425-317-9618

At ONB Automotive, we excel in fleet service.

December 1, 2016
Our goal is to provide the most professional, personalized service for your vehicle fleet to keep your business rolling smoothly. We can perform virtually any automotive service from tune ups to transmission repairs.

Remember to schedule any outstanding annual service for your fleet as soon as possible to get it on the book this year.

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Does your vehicle track ruts?

November 1, 2016
Does it wander and it feels like a wrestling match with the steering wheel to drive in a straight line? These bad manners may indicate a problem with your suspension or alignment, which can potentially accelerate the wear of other items such as your tires.

ONB Automotive’s suspension specialists can restore your car’s smooth, precise ride and extend the life of your tires with a suspension and alignment service.

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Automotive Repair Should Be Simple.

It's Only Nuts and Bolts.

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