Customer Reviews of ONB Automotive Repair in Everett, WA

Customer Reviews of ONB Automotive Repair in Everett, WAIf you're searching for auto repair in Everett it is probable that you'll seek the recommendation of a close friend or family member to ensure you end up at a shop that will provide you with a great experience. Additionally you may want to explore online reviews from the likes of Google and Yelp, which provide reviews from numerous customers. This is the best way to get a clear indication of how a shop, or any business really, operates. At ONB Automotive Repair we are happy to share some of our most recent reviews, as we feel they highlight our dedication to expert auto repair and friendly customer service. The next time your car gives you trouble we hope you'll take your friends' and neighbors' recommendation and come see us!

Great personalities and customer service here at ONB. Honest and helpful. - Jimmy F.

The staff are amazing people and they are like family now to me. They repaired my car and they took their time to make sure that the jobs were done right the first time around - Samantha M.

These guys and gals are great, thorough, and honest. Love this place. Love the duo at the front desk. - Susan E.

ONB is the best auto mechanic I've been to in my 32 years of driving! Everyone there is genuinely friendly, and provide great customer service! They are very honest and fair, which can be rare in the auto service field. I recommend ONB to all my local friends, just as my close friend recommended them to me when we moved to Everett. - David G.

Arrived with overheating problem. It was diagnosed, repaired, and sent on my way with low cost! Very kind, principled repair people! I recommend them! -Fern T.

ONB is the only place that I take my cars. They are honest, hardworking and take care of us as if we are family. They have taken care of my cars for many years. Their integrity, excellent service and affordable prices make this my auto shop of choice. Mike and Dave always take the time to explain the work that has or needs to be done. - Susan B.

ONB Automotive helped me out of a couple back-to-back issues with professionalism, fair pricing, and efficient service. Would highly recommend!! My car is running better than it has in years :) - Sierra H.

This is a great place. The guys are friendly and really go the extra mile for you. I had a repair that was going to cost about $2k, but they found out that the part was still under warranty and they set me up at the dealership to get it replaced for free. These guys are awesome and I'll definitely be going back when I need work done. - Andrew S.

Very friendly staff, Mike was very helpful and was willing to explain all the repairs that were done for my car. I felt very secure, and appreciated the clear communications I received during the process. Would absolutely come back! - Andrea C.

As you can see we are committed to excellent customer service as well as great auto repairs. When it is time for auto maintenance or auto repair in Everett don't hesitate to give our friendly team a call at (425) 317-9618 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you!

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