9 Issues to Check When Buying a Used Car

9 Issues to Check When Buying a Used CarShopping for a newish, or at least a new to you car, can be fun, but it doesn't come without a few stressors. To ensure you end up that fits your needs it is important to give it a thorough inspection. By searching for issues you'll be able to know if you're getting your money's worth when handing over the cash. Aside from great looks that fit your style, here are nine things to think about when buying a used car.

1. Service Records

If the seller can supply service records that show the car is up to date with its scheduled maintenance needs you'll at least know the car has been well maintained.

2. Tires

If you don't want to worry about the extra expense of tires after buying the car be sure to check the current tread level.

3. Rust

It's necessary to check for rust on the body of the car. If rust has set in it can eat away at the metal of the vehicle, making it unsightly and in some cases, reduce its structural integrity.

4. Lights

All lights should work when you purchase a car or truck. If a light, such as a turn signal or brake light, is out then you'll want to ensure it is just bulb issue and not a larger electrical problem.

5. Odometer

Many cars are designed to cover a couple hundred thousand miles. However, as the odometer reading climbs, so does the chance of problems. Vehicles with more than 150,000 miles on the odometer are much more likely to need big repairs sooner than a car with sub 100,000 miles.

6. Leaks

One of the most important things to look for is automotive fluid leaks. Nothing should ever be leaking from a vehicle.

7. Noises

When test driving be sure to listen for any odd noises. A knocking noise under the hood, grinding while the transmission shifts, or squealing while braking are all signs of big trouble.

8. Pulling

The car should drive straight down the road during your test drive. Pulling could be a sign of an alignment issue.

9. Dashboard Warning Lights

If a dashboard indicator light, such as the check engine light, is illuminated you should ask the owner to resolve the issue before making a purchase.

If you are interested in a used car and would like a professional opinion about its condition bring it to ONB Auto for a pre-purchase inspection in Everett. Our auto repair experts can provide the vehicle with a thorough inspection to ensure it is wise to purchase. To learn more about this service or to request an estimate for auto maintenance in Everett give us a call at (425) 317-9618 today.

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