Top Signs it is Time for an Engine Rebuild

Top Signs it is Time for an Engine RebuildYou could think of your car's engine as it's heart. It produces the heartbeat of your vehicle, giving it life! Oil courses through much like blood of an animal, lubricating all its moving parts. But it takes special care to keep your car's heart healthy. Regular maintenance such as oil changes must be performed to keep a steady beat of RPMs flowing. If you start to experience signs of engine failure bring your car, truck or SUV to a local auto repair shop right away to avoid more costly problems.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

If oil is being burned in the engine it will cause your car to create blue exhaust smoke. Oil often seeps into the engine's pistons due to worn piston rings which no longer seal properly, allowing the oil to mix with gas. If engine oil is being burned it means it is not being used to lubricate moving parts of the engine. With low levels of oil the engine could seize requiring a complete engine overhaul or replacement.

Knocking Sound Under the Hood

If it sounds like there is a pair of shoes in a washing machine under your hood you're going to be facing big trouble soon. Engines have many moving parts that rely on engine bearings to be able to move freely. The bearings need proper lubrication in order to support the engine's movements or they can become worn out. They are also subject to normal wear and tear over many, many miles. If they start to fail they will create a high volume knocking noise, which means the engine may soon freeze up if the problem isn't dealt with.

Metal Flakes in the Oil

If you change your own oil or if you take it to a repair shop be sure to check the old oil for metal flakes. If you find these flakes it is a sign of metal on metal contact happening somewhere in the engine. This means there is unnecessary friction between moving parts, which can cause the engine to seize if the friction is great enough.

If you suspect engine trouble don't delay in bringing your vehicle to a shop. It is your duty as a vehicle owner to maintain and care for your car. For expert engine repair in Everett visit the team at ONB Automotive Repair. From minor repairs to complete engine rebuilding and replacement, you can count on our team of expert auto repair technicians. At the first sign of trouble give us a call at 425-317-9618 to schedule superior auto repair in Everett.

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