O.N.B. Automotive Customer Testimonials

AWESOME - Their word is their honor

"These guys will treat you and your vehicle with all the care and respect in the world. They are the bar all others should aspire to. The ONLY reasons I would ever stop going are that we move out of the area, or for some mysterious reason they close up shop - though I don't know why they would ever do that!"


Dying Breed

"Ever wish you could find an honest garage with fair prices and expert work? ONB in Everett is the last of a dying breed. I found them when I needed brake service, and they gave me a fair price and did the work right. Later, a dealership service department told me I had a cracked bracket on one of the bushings of my front stabilizer bar, and quoted $349.00 to redo things. I immediately took my car to ONB, they put it on the hoist like RIGHT NOW, and found nothing wrong! They wouldn't even let me pay for their time, saying "We take care of our customers". This took me back to when this was how people treated people. Wonderful experience, and I'm not going back to the dealership again!"


Dealership quality workmanship and parts.

"ONB is a great place to take your car or truck if you own a Ford or, as in my case, a Mercury. Since they specialize in the Ford/Mercury products, they really know what they're doing, and they also use Ford/Mercury parts so you know you're getting quality. They've always come in at the price they promised, and fixed my car in the timeframe promised."


Honesty, honesty, honesty

"Mike Radisch, Service Advisor, was extremely helpful & honest. My cost for brake rotor replacement came in under estimate, and that never happens! While waiting to pay, I overheard the customer before me comment on how nice it is to work with an honest auto repair shop. Agreed! I will use ONB for additional car repairs, and I strongly recommend them."


They told me the truth

"When I arrived at ONB, my car was barely running. They quickly did some tests and thoroughly checked my engine. It turns out it was just a few bad wires, and the mechanics explained everything to me so that I could understand (I know nothing about engines). I asked if I needed a tune-up, and they said 'no'. Some repair shops may have taken advantage of my lack of knowledge, but not ONB. I received nothing but great customer service!"



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